Bazaars in Mont' Kiara - A Unique Shopping Experience

Expatriates new in town and residents of Mont’ Kiara often revel in the unique sights and sounds of the two famous bazaars in this exclusive enclave - Fiesta Nite and The Market. Offering a truly special Malaysian shopping experience, a visit to these flea markets is an adventure not to be missed!

Fiesta Nite

Holding court at Plaza Mont’ Kiara every Thursday night from 4.30pm to 9.30pm is the legendary Fiesta Nite, with over 100 stalls exhibiting a huge selection of “F” products - Food, Fruit, Flora, Fauna, Fragrance, Fabric, Footwear, Fitness, and Fictional books. To the delight of the crowds, the numerous stalls set up at the fountain Courtyard offer shoppers the opportunity to hunt down interesting bargains, whilst soaking in the carnival festival spirit.

Expatriates will discover a trail of exotic local dishes like nasi lemak, tomato rice, goat curry, popiah, nasi briyani, ayam masak merah, karipap (curry puff), kuih muih, etc, to satisfy their palate. Once the stomach cravings have been sufficiently fulfilled, it would be time to hit the shopping path.

No night market or pasar malam in Malaysia will be complete without stalls selling clothes, shoes, and handbags carrying designs comparable to top tier brands such as Topshop and Zara, but at a huge fraction of their cost. Other great buys include secondhand books, gorgeous accessories, charming household items, fresh fruits, and organic vegetables.

The Market

The Market at Plaza Mont’ Kiara is a dream come true for art and craft lovers. Showcasing over 50 exhibiting stalls spread over a 40,000 square feet at the fountain Courtyard every Sunday from 10am to 8pm, this daytime market is a true haven for bric-a-brac enthusiasts. With a fabulous mix of culture, arts and crafts, the Market is an innovative concept which delivers a special “Made-in-Asia” essence.

Malaysian arts and crafts are a key specialty of this bazaar, which also serve as an avenue for households to clear their collections, entrepreneurs to sell popular items, and motor traders to hold their snazzy car exhibitions. Shopping enthusiasts can often discover handicrafts, paintings, clothing, books, accessories, handbags, shoes, potted plants, car exhibits, and household goods at this interesting flea market.

With its appealing open-air retail feature which promises family fun shopping, interactive fountain play for children, and uplifting music enhancing a free-spirited ambience, the Market attracts a throng of regular visitors made up of residents from Mont’ Kiara and other neighboring suburbs with a love for collectibles.

Be a part of the Mont’ Kiara community, and you would be surprised at the intriguing arts and cultural discoveries you will make while exploring this lovely luxury suburb.

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